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    Learn how to identify unwritten rules that influence teams and understand how they influence teams see more

    About the Program

    If you have participated in any kind of agile training, most likely than not you have conducted the penny exercise (a game that evaluates throughput of work when the number of items being worked at one time is limited). The interesting thing about this exercise is that it oversimplifies human nature and assumes human interaction and heavily influences team dynamics which drives organizational culture. Understanding those nuances is a differentiating factor between good leaders and exceptional ones. Knowing how to identify and navigate those unwritten rules can be a vital skill for leaders in order to help their teams excel.

    During the workshop, the participants will walk through two exercises.

    • Exercise 1: The Agile Penny Game
    • Exercise 2: Team Building Block Game

    During each exercise, attendees will identify the unwritten rules of each team and discuss how to either break them, change them, or use them to make the team more effective.

    By the end of the session, attendees will have learned how to:

    • Identify unwritten rules in various scenarios that influence team dynamics
    • Understand how they influence team dynamics
    • Develop strategies and tactics to either break, change, or use the written rules

     Presented by: Dr. Alma Miller

    Alma Miller Headshot

    Dr. Alma Miller is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, speaker, DevOps thought leader, and educator with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Catholic University, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University, a Masters in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University, and a Doctorate in Engineering from George Washington University. Dr. Miller considers herself a relationship counselor between development and operations teams. She started her consulting company, AC Miller Consulting, in 2013. Since then, AC Miller has provided services to government and commercial clients across multiple industries helping with ITIL and DevOps transformations. Dr. Miller speaks at industry conferences and events and teaches graduate courses for Johns Hopkins and University of California Irvine. Feel free to continue the conversation by connecting with her on LinkedIn.


    12:00 Noon to 12:30 PM – Lunch and Networking
    12:30 PM to 1:50 PM – Program
    1:50 PM to 2:00 PM – Survey, Prize Drawing
    2:00 PM – Meeting Ends

    Getting there

    There are parking garages located nearby for a cost.
    The closest Metro stop is Metro Center.

    This event is free for members. Not a member yet? Join here


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    The Must-Attend Service and Support Industry Event - get ready for SupportWorld LIVE see more

    Formerly the HDI Conference & Expo—same great event, backed by the most respected knowledge resource in technical support and service management! At SupportWorld Live you’ll come face-to-face with the people, ideas, and solutions to help you produce real results through everything that’s transforming our profession:

    • Process improvement
    • Change management
    • Employee engagement
    • Service management optimization
    • Organizational ROI
    • Much more

    For more than 30 years, HDI has organized the world’s most respected and anticipated annual event to improve the service and support provided by enterprises globally. What was once HDI Conference & Expo is now even more powerful, gaining momentum and streamlining its focus by aligning with HDI’s most influential knowledge resource, SupportWorld.

    SupportWorld Live unites the world’s most innovative professionals around a singular focus: delivering smarter services that result in better business outcomes.

    See What Last Year's Attendees Have to Say:


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    Come chat about remote work and how it is changing the face of the industry! see more

    Remote Work is the game changer for organizations today.  What once was an anomaly now has become the norm with staggering statistics* such as:


    • 77% of knowledge workers and 70% of all professionals reporting that they work from home at least one day per week
    • 66% of managers who offer telecommuting flexibility reporting more productivity from their workers
    • 60% of remote workers stating that they would leave their current job for the same job remotely for the same pay
    • 49% of workers stating the ability to work “anywhere, anytime” having the greatest impact on their productivity
    • 79% of employees reporting that they would be “more loyal” to their company if they had flexible work options


    Join us for a video conference roundtable where we discuss how organizations are embracing remote work as a standard, and share ideas with others in the industry in a peer-to-peer exchange where we all have takeaways that help our own organizations.


    Attendees will participate using Zoom (a free video conferencing tool) and must be able to use video camera to interact with the discussion group. Registration for this event is capped at 20 attendees.



    *Source - https://www.business2community.com/infographics/remote-work-is-here-to-stay-and-here-is-why-infographic-02188595

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