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Annual Leadership Conference & Vendor Expo

IT Service and Support 360! 


COME take advantage of a unique opportunity to hear cutting-edge ITSM keynotes from industry experts! Also network with a dynamic group of service and support and IT service management industry leaders at HDI Capital Area’s one day Leadership Conference and Vendor Expo here in the D.C. Metro Area. Our conference theme, IT Service and Support 360, encompasses several facets of the support industry including topics on experience management, the foundation of high-performing teams, ITSM solutioning, creating your personal brand as you embark upon your IT career, and a senior leadership panel on the future of IT. We have an information-packed day lined up, featuring dynamic speakers and vendors to share information and tools to help you, your team members of all levels, and your organization be successful now and into the future. This is your time to LEARN.GROW.ACHIEVE!

Thanks to our vendor sponsors, we are able to offer this event FREE to members and $25 to non-members. This is up to a $100.00 value that attendees can add back to their training budget. In addition to a strong program, the event will include networking time with industry professionals, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and GREAT PRIZES that include gift cards and more! 


About the Vendor Expo

We would like to thank our Vendors for helping us produce this event! Our 2023 Sponsors/Exhibitors include the following:  Happy SignalsInvGate, HumanTouch, and RobertHalf.


This event is free for our members. Not a member yet? Join here


October 6, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM ET



Kossiakoff Center

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

11100 Johns Hopkins Road

Laurel, MD 20723

Event Agenda:

9:00 am—10:00 am: Registration, Networking, & Vendor Tables Open (Continental Breakfast Provided)

10:00 am—10:15 am: Welcome & Announcements


10:15 am—11:15 am: Keynote Sessions

  1. Experience Management: What it is and Why it Matters, Ben Brennan
  2. Making a Career in Service and Support: Personal Branding and Finding a Position for YOU, Matt Beran

11:15 am—11:30 am: *1st Prize Drawing & Break 🏆


11:30 am—12:30 pm: Keynote Sessions

  1. Building On-purpose Teams - A Systematic Approach to High-performing Teams, Gregg Gregory
  2. The Future of Cyber SecurityBoris Goncharov

12:30 pm—2:00 pm: Lunch Provided, Networking and Vendor Tables Open

2:00 pm—2:15 pm: *2nd Prize Drawing 🏆


2:15 pm—3:15 pm: Discussion Panel - The Future of IT Service and Support

3:15 pm—3:45 pm: Refreshment/Dessert Break and Vendor Tables Open

3:45 pm—4:00 pm Closing Remarks and Prize Drawing*

*Must be Present to Win! 

Keynote Session 1 - Presented by Ben Brennan, CEO of QSTAC

Experience Management: What it is and Why it Matters

Gartner says 50% of IT orgs will have experience management programs by 2025. But in 2023, it can be hard to define what “experience” even means or looks like. In this talk, Ben Brennan, a pioneer in IT Experience Management, shares real life examples from a decade of helping teams measure, improve and continuously improve the experience humans have with technology and IT teams at work. If you’re ready to begin your experience management journey, this is your first step.

By the end of the session, attendees will have learned how to:

  1. Understand the experience management movement
  2. Know the difference between DEX (digital experience management) and ITXM, and how and when to implement both
  3. Understand how to define, understand and measure experience from your customers’ POV



Keynote Session 2 - Presented by Matt Beran, Sr. Product Marketing Specialist with INVGate

Making a Career in Service and Support: Personal Branding and Finding a Position for YOU

Too often, adults ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. My hope is that you will stop using that question in the future, because although we find our identity in our work, it is not our only identity. As companies begin to evolve and begin the journey toward supporting and accepting the whole human employee they leverage, it’s more important than ever for us to reflect and do the work to be ourselves. This presentation is meant to break down taboo, inspire you to find what brings you joy and ultimately, achieve your goals and dreams.

By the end of this session, you will have learned:

  1. The three things that inspire humans to work
  2. Methods for taking control of your career journey
  3. Techniques for finding your brand and your next roles

(This keynote will include a breakout session where people will discuss their journeys in small groups.)

Keynote Session 3 - Presented by Gregg Gregory, Founder/Owner, Teams Rock!

Building On-purpose Teams: A Systematic Approach to High-performing Teams

Tossing a group of individuals together and hoping they will function as an effective team is a recipe for mediocrity, at best. Productive teams don’t just happen. High-performing teams are built, and refined, over time.

The foundation of a well performing, productive team is trust. Yet trust is not something that always grows naturally. Trust is a quality of interaction that must be developed on purpose, using proven tools and perspectives.



By the end of this session, you will have learned how to:

  1. Investigate eight critical elements that every team must nurture to be successful in its mission
  2. Discover how each team member’s contribution creates a unit greater than the sum of its parts
  3. Explore Gregg’s two-step barometric system to effectively read, adapt to, and appreciate different behavioral styles

The concepts and skills offered in this interactive, energetic, and fun session work equally well with all teams, at every organizational level.

Attendees will leave with a series of key action steps that they can implement immediately to improve the chemistry and performance of their team.


Keynote Session 4 - Presented by Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer, AMATAS

The Future of Cyber Security 

This session delves into the intersection of Generative AI and cybersecurity, illustrating how these transformative technologies can be utilized to fortify both technical and management aspects of cybersecurity.

The course explores foundational aspects of Generative AI, such as generative models and algorithms. It proceeds to outline their applications in cybersecurity, such as AI-driven risk assessment and mitigation strategies, malware identification, digital forensics, incident response planning, phishing prevention, and the role of Generative AI in crafting cyber policies and standards.

  • Attendees will learn to apply Generative AI approaches in the technical and strategic management of cybersecurity, focusing on enhancing organizational resilience and agility in the face of evolving cyber threats.
  • The training also addresses ethical and privacy considerations when implementing these powerful technologies in a security setting.

Designed for cybersecurity professionals and IT managers, this session offers a unique forward-looking perspective on leveraging AI in cybersecurity.

Discussion Panel: The Future of IT Service and Support

Join this discussion panel on The Future of IT Service and Support! Senior leaders will be sharing insights into new trends that will shape the future of our industry.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and gain valuable knowledge.

Moderated by:

Tony North, IT Cyber Security and HR Industry Management Leader


Cecilia Baldwin, Vice President Federal Civilian Sector, Sabre Systems, Inc.

Michael Misumi, Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Vania McBean, Associate Director of IT & Esports, University of Maryland

Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer, AMATAS

Speakers and Bios


Ben Brennan, CEO, QSTAC

A Pioneer of the IT Experience Movement, Ben Brennan introduced the term ITXM (IT Experience

Management) to the ITSM community years ago and has since been a three-time HDI top 25 thought leader for his contributions to the experience movement. 2 Combining his training in psychology and design thinking with his real life experience on the IT teams of Twitter, Yahoo, Verizon Media and Box, Ben created, a company that helps any team understand, measure, and deliver an exceptional IT experience their customers rave about. Ben is also the author of Badass IT Support, host of the IT After Hours podcast, and an international keynote speaker on the topic of experience and XLAs. Find him on LinkedIn or at







Matt Beran, Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, InvGate



Matt Beran has over20 years of experience in Service Management and Customer Service.  Known for challenging industry norms, practical advice, and unique approaches to Service Management.

He is the host of Ticket Volume, a weekly podcast about Information Technology and is a highly regarded speaker. His favorite topics introduce new ways of thinking about service experiences and improving teamwork.









Gregg Gregory, Founder/Owner, Teams Rock!


Gregg Gregory launched his training & speaking career in 1996 after more than 20 successful years leading and managing in real estate, mortgage banking, event planning and production, and radio and television broadcasting. He has worked with HR practitioners in over 400 companies, non-profit associations, and government agencies including over 300 Fortune 500 companies. His expertise and articles have appeared in 100's of business and trade publications.







Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer, AMATAS

Devoting over 18 years to his professional journey, Boris Goncharov has earned recognition as a strategic thinker in information security. As Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at AMATAS, his mission is to challenge and rethink conventional security paradigms, pioneering innovative strategies to shield businesses against emerging cyber threats.

Boris is well known for his unique visual presentation style that effectively demystifies complicated information security concepts into accessible, visually engaging narratives. His ability to seamlessly convey complex ideas greatly enhances comprehension and retention amongst varied audiences.

Boris' extensive range of top-tier industry certifications, including CIPP/E, CCISO, CCSP, CBSP, CISSP, ISSMP, CCSK, CEH, CEI, CHFI, ITIL, TOGAF, and Prince2, exemplifies his unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in information security.

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